Incrementally Trustworthy Gateway

To foster our idea of Trustworthy Networked Autonomy Critical Technologies Inc. is offering the Incrementally Trustworthy Gateway in a variety of different models.

This system meets strict SWAP requirements by design utilizing open source technologies* to the absolute fullest.

  • The hardware is an open source system designed and sold by PC.Engines
  • All software running on our systems are open source
  • All protocols used between systems and services are open standards
Feel free to contact us about the ITG and the various models/modes it can potentially be operated in.

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Base Specifications

  • APU2 series by PCEngines
  • SWaP: 168 mm wide x 157 mm deep x 30 mm high, 0.5 kg, 12VDC power supply
  • Multiple media of operation:
    • Wired - Gigabit Ethernet
    • Wireless - with adapter card giving 5GHz or 2.4GHz
    • HF/VHF/UHF - w/ a Software Defined Radio (SDR)
    • Cellular - with LTE adapter card
  • Multiple Modes of Operation:
    • DTN bundles over Ethernet (wired/wireless)
    • IP packets over Ethernet (wired/wireless)
    • DTN bundles over HF
    • IP packets over HF
    • DTN using SMTP (for non-DTN enabled hosts)
  • Host Identity Protocol for secure, trustworthy connectivity

Distributed Storage

The Tahoe Least Authority File System (Tahoe-LAFS) can be used for a secure, distributed, fault tolerant, capability-based storage grid. Multiple media, links and paths (when fully configured), ensure access and interconnectivity between storage nodes. With the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) also installed this grid sits on its own private LAN to further secure your data, not just at rest but also in motion.


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DTN / IP Networking

A (Wired & Wireless) solution aimed at providing ultimate robustness, reliability, and flexibility to your communication needs. Allows the standing up of a temporary network that isn’t reliant on already existing external infrastructure. It allows for the fail-over when contemporaneous end-to-end IP connectivity is lost. This allows systems to function even when this is lost by automatically detecting it and switching over to DTN that can handle the traffic.


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Remote Spectrum Analyzer / Sentinel (SpecAn / SpecSen)

Utilizing SDRs allows for spectrum scanning & viewing. Multiple access mediums allow for remote viewing can be a source for a Data Distribution Service (DDS) in reporting information on spectrum analysis thus giving Spectrum Awareness that can be used for Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA). All achieved using the open source software of GNU Radio and RTL-SDRs.


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Customized Models

Be sure to contact us about other model ideas and what other modes we have in the works!

* Critical is also interested in using RISC-V (an open source Instruction Set Architecture) as another element in our systems. Currently, there is no system boards with RISC-V yet that meet our needs - if you are aware of one (or designing one), let us know!